Little things, big impact: awareness and practice

May 17, 2021

At Group Homes Australia we have an ongoing commitment to explore, connect and share. Our Clinical Manager, Wendy Lau has taken the lead on a new initiative which incorporates her personal vision of exploring how we can take better care of our environment and at the same time connect and share with others.

“I hate sending anything to landfill,” says Wendy, “so my husband and I are teaching our kids the importance of not hoarding things and giving away when we can so they can be reused. Creating this awareness and then practicing with our family is a passion of mine!”

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics households in Australia we generate over 12 million tonnes of waste every year and contributes to the highest proportion of plastic and organic waste.

“Recently, I collaborated with team members at Group Homes Australia to think about what we can do with unused medical equipment like un-opened syringes and walkers that were no longer being used.” 

Wendy then connected with a non-for-profit organisation named MedEarth who collect medical equipment and ship it to developing nations who are in need of it.

At Group Homes Australia we are currently collating and coordinating a process to ensure that equipment we no longer need or that is left to us by generous families of our residents will go to MedEarth.

“I am proud that we can be a part of this project at GHA, not only to avoid usable medical supplies going to landfill but also to support developing nations with so little resources. I will continue to ask my kids and team members, before you throw that out, please think about what impact it will have on our precious planet!”

For more information about MedEarth, please click here: 

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