Our Team

Tamar Krebs

Founder & Co-CEO

Tamar has worked in the Aged Care industry for the past 15 years both internationally and here in Australia. She has held senior management and leadership roles operating Retirement Villages, Hostels, Nursing Homes and Dementia Units. She holds many relevant and necessary qualifications such as a Masters of Health Service Management, a Bachelor of Science and various certificates and diplomas which provide her with a solid skill and knowledge base in Gerontology. She is recognised as a Specialist in both Behaviour Management and Aged Care and offers consultancies to various aged care providers. Group Homes Australia comprises industry leaders and consultants in the areas of Town Planning, Architectural design and Clinical care to support “Ability base design”. The Clinical care, Engagement, Occupation consultants, Legal team, Project Manager and Advisory board are all specialist leaders in their fields. The Home Makers (carers) working in the homes are all caring and compassionate multi skilled staff. They have achieved a minimum of Certificate 3 in Aged Care as well as Dementia Care training, First Aid and Food safety training. Additionally they have all been individually selected, screened and trained by Tamar herself to ensure an exceptionally high standard of care.

Jonathan Gavshon


Jonathan comes with a strong background in business and Finance. Dementia and the aged care sector are also very close to his heart, having had a grandfather pass away from the disease. He has studied and worked overseas and in Australia. Most recently he worked for The Optical Company, a network of 30 glasses stores focusing on business development. Prior to that he worked at Allegro Private Equity, working alongside the CEO on the national rollout of a network of 50 mother and baby stores. He co-founded a start-up called Twobirds Bridesmaid, a retailer and wholesaler of bridal wear. From 2000-2007, he lived in New York where he was Vice President of J.P. Morgan’s Equity Capital Markets division. He is also passionate about the broader community, having founded The Observership Program, a not-for-profit focused on the leadership and development of young professionals. He has an undergraduate degree in Commerce and Masters degree in Business Administration. Jonathan is married to Daniella and has two children, who you may see around the homes…. they love to socialise!

Some of our Support Team

Madonna Jackson

Director of People, Care & Culture

Madonna is a Registered Nurse and has worked in aged care for 10+ years both in Australia and overseas. She has extensive clinical and corporate professional experience.

Amy Tsao

Financial Controller

Amy has an infectious personality and fills her important role with fun and smiles!

Ashley Blacker

National Business Development Manager

Ashley has worked in general practice, medical research and hospital business development for 10+ years. He loves talking about our model!

Deb Heagney

Office Manager

Deb is the management and corporate services backbone of our operation. She prepares quotes, contracts, and supports our Homemakers operationally.

Jennifer Gavshon

Social Worker

Jennifer is a warm and approachable face that offers support to everyone – our residents, families and team members.

Marlena Natkaniec

Support Manager

Marlena is a trained counselor.  She supports our residents, families and the team in her supportive role.

Jasper Ye

Account Clerk

Jasper is trained in accounting and supports that all our accounts balance and bills get paid!

Joanna Bednarz

Clinical Manager

Joanna  is a Registered Nurse and trained lawyer. She prides herself of developing an individual connection with each resident and their families.

Nikki Sher

Registered Nurse

Nikki is warm, gentle and sensitive.  She is wonderfully caring during our residents journey.

Wendy Lau

Registered Nurse

Wendy is clinically skilled, bubbly and enthusiastic.  She loves to support our residents and taste the culinary delights in the home too!

Kartikey Trivedi

Registered Nurse

Kartikey is an enthusiastic and welcoming clinical carer.  He provides daily care to resident and he loves cricket!

Some of our Homemaker Supervisor Team

Maria Burbano

Homemaker Mentor & Homemaker Supervisor (Vaucluse)

Our first Homemaker, Maria embodies the model and mentors our new Homemakers to deliver superb care.

Cris Sicat

Homemaker Supervisor (Killeaton Rd, St Ives)

Cris is wonderfully caring and gentle.  He is currently training to be a Registered Nurse.

Karen Paraiso

Homemaker Supervisor (Garrick Rd, St Ives)

Karen is a bubbly and caring individual who brings a lot of joy to our Garrick residents. She loves taking her residents on creative outings!

Fabiola Gomez Rivas

Homemaker Supervisor (Rose Bay)

Fabi is from Peru.  She has a strong flair and passion for caring and was one of the first Homemakers at GHA!

Simone Timihou

Homemaker Supervisor (Waverley)

Simone has extensive aged care experience and has a remarkable energy and sense of humour that she brings to her home.

Thelma Marcelino

Homemaker Supervisor (Warriewood)

Thelma loves working at GHA and puts her heart and soul into her home and her resident’s care.

Catyline Maingi

Homemaker Supervisor (Benaroon Rd, St Ives)

Caite has a gentle, thoughtful and caring soul.  Nothing is too much for her residents!

Claire McCleary

Homemaker Supervisor (The Cloisters, St Ives)

Claire has been in aged care for ten years. She loves learning about the lives of the residents. She runs her home as an extension of how she cares for her own family.

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