Is it time to consider permanent  care?

There is never a right or wrong answer to this question. Our “Question and Answers” are for people living with dementia and for the loved ones supporting them as they consider permanent care, residential aged care, home and community care or a nursing home.

Please connect and share your details and take our Q&A to help you decide what to do next.

What family members are saying

“Group Homes Australia provide exceptional loving family-like personalised multidisciplinary care for those you love the most. GHA has a wonderful innovative model of care that’s the way of the future for aged care.

Thank you to all of the team.”


“Thank you all for looking after mum for the past 18 months. I never thought she would adjust to moving from her home of 50 years which she loved so much. Arriving at the house to visit, seeing her sitting in her favourite spot in the sun, with the Homemakers looking after her, made me very happy”


“Our frail 96-year-old mother was no longer able to live at home even with her carers.

We rate the Group Homes concept, the management and the team as world’s best practice in aged care and end-of-life care. Our appreciation has no bounds.”