About Us

A Different Approach To Aged Care

Hello. I’m Tamar Krebs, founder of Group Homes Australia (GHA). I wanted to personally welcome you and invite you to learn more about our world of doing dementia differently.

I’ve been in the aged sector my whole adult life. First as a registered nurse, then as a Director of Nursing at various aged care facilities both in Australia and abroad before founding GHA.

My philosophy for our homes is guided by deep respect and engagement with life for every resident and, in everything we do.

I realise the decision you are now embarking upon involves someone you love; your mother or father, grandfather or grandmother, a favourite aunt, a lifelong carer for you or, simply a cherished friend. You want to make the right choice for care but also importantly, ensure your family member is happy and safe in their new home.

It’s a big decision.

I invite you to visit our homes yourself, talk to our staff, say hello to one of our residents and even speak to past families who cherish the love and nurturing their family member received at Group Homes Australia. After all, there is nothing like a personal recommendation, be it from your GP, friend or importantly, someone who has experienced our care and concept.

When you visit us, you will notice that each group home is purposefully nestled in a local suburb and our residents become active participants in each local neighbourhood.

Just like any home, one size does not fit all. Visit a few of our homes to find the right one for your family member. All are fitted to the same standard, the choice is yours.

With best wishes

Tamar Krebs