Group Homes Australia – Aged Care Homes

Our commitment to each resident is to walk the entire journey each day, from beginning to end. Our mission is to ensure that people living with dementia also live with dignity. We achieve this by providing homes that look like, smell like and are like real homes.
Group Homes Australia recognises that today’s generation of older Australians want something more than traditional aged care homes. They, and their families, want accommodation that provides high levels of respect and personal care combined within a warm, friendly environment.

A different type of aged care

Because we limit resident numbers in each of our houses to between 6 and 10 people, we are able to deliver care ratios that are usually one carer to every three residents, which is far higher than most aged care facilities are able to provide.

In this environment, we focus on our residents’ abilities, not disabilities. Our residents go on accompanied visits to local shopping centres; they visit hairdressers, buy food and, if they wish, may use our fully equipped kitchens to make favourite dishes – all with carer assistance.

These nurturing factors fit with our philosophy which is to provide new – and better – choices for older Australians; something we have been doing successfully since we opened in 2011.

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