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Care at Group Homes Australia


At Group Homes Australia we are passionate about providing care and emotional support beyond ageing or a diagnosis of dementia. Our team of Registered Nurses (RNs) provide 24/7, 365 days support to our Homemakers to ensure every Resident receives the care they need.

Each home has 2 to 3 Homemakers rostered for every 6 to 10 Residents who live in each home. This is an average ratio of 1 Homemaker for every 4 Residents.  Each home has a dedicated team of Homemakers that provide the continuity of care needed. This ensures we do not use agency staff. This principle helps us to foster meaningful and purposeful relationships between our Homemakers, Residents, family members and the neighbourhoods where our homes are located. 

Our Homemakers and RNs are supported by a dedicated Social Worker and Community Counsellor. Their role at Group Homes Australia is provide emotional and well-being support to our Residents and family members during their stay at Group Homes Australia.

At Group Homes Australia we value ongoing professional development for our entire team. Our educational program includes best practice theory, reflective practice and the shared learning experiences from our Residents and their families.  

Dementia Australia benchmarked Group Homes Australia against over 80 competitors in the traditional aged care sector and revealed that it outperformed on every measure in relation to transition into care. 

How am I unique assessment?

An initial assessment with the Social Workers and Registered Nurse from Group Homes Australia team happens within a Resident’s own home where possible. The purpose of the assessment is to build a relationship, learn about the Resident and their families life and what makes them unique, as well as an understanding of their care needs.  The information from the assessment informs our Homemakers to be able to welcome  the new resident and their family to their new home. Connecting residents within the home so they can benefit from the social and positive engagement with one another will depend on who you are as an individual.

Getting comfortable in your new home

Getting comfortable in your new home can take a day, a week or even a month. For each person they will have an individual settling in timeframe. There are many things that will impact each Resident’s ability to settle in quickly, including getting involved in purposeful and meaningful engagement, understanding the residents and their family and the things that matter to them, socialising with other residents and becoming familiar with their new home, creating an individualised routine for each person that is familiar from their own home into their new home. This is a partnership between the resident, family and the Homemakers. The more information we have about each resident and their life story enables us to support them to settle in to their new home faster. 

 Accessing medical care

We are supported by visiting GPs who visits our homes regularly. Our primary focus is to bring any medical support that our residents need in the home. From a Resident’s perspective, the need to go to hospital can be a confusing and difficult experience.  If additional services are needed, we endeavor to bring in the necessary resources to support our Residents in their familiar environment. Mobile X-ray, mobile dentist, and Hospital in the Home are examples of some of our key relationships and services if required. 

End of life care

At Group Homes Australia it’s our privilege to support our residents and families to go through end-of-life. For each resident and their family this is a personalised experience which is supported by our Registered Nurses, Homemakers and Social Workers.  

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