Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between your model and traditional aged care or a nursing home?

We deliver personalised care in a traditional home, with a small group of 6-10 residents and a high carer-to-resident ratio. Our residents live with dignity and sense of purpose in small-scale surroundings. We support residents to wake up in their own time, make individual food choices, form meaningful relationships, and contribute to the running of the home. We pride ourselves on the care that we deliver and make an effort to cherish everyone’s story. We do this through deeply exploring, connecting and sharing.

What kinds of dementia care do you offer?

We can care for all kinds of dementia including Alzheimer’s, Vascular dementia, Lewy Body disease, Frontotemporal dementia, Young onset dementia, Parkins’s related dementia, and Wernicke-Korsakoff.

Do you cater to early stage (early onset) dementia?

Yes. We cater to early stage dementia.

Do you accept residents who are younger than 65 years old?

Yes. We accept residents who are younger than 65 years old and who are living with high care needs.

Do you only do dementia care?

No. While many of our residents are living with dementia, we can also cater to those with various high care needs including cancer, brain tumors, motor neuron disease, mental health, terminal illness, Parkinson’s disease and acquired brain injuries (ABI).

Do you offer Respite Care?

Yes. We offer respite either as a short stay or as a trial, sometimes with a view to progressing to permanent care. Pricing for respite starts at $398 per day which can be offset with government funding.

What is your carer to resident ratio?

We have an average of 1 carer to every 3-4 residents during the day. At night, this drops as most of the residents sleep well at night due to the positive rhythm of stimulation and activity during the day. We have Registered Nurses (RNs) either in the home or on call 24/7.

Are you NDIS registered?

Yes. We are a registered NDIS and SIL provider.

Can I book a tour on one of your homes?

Absolutely! Please click here and our Resident Relations Manager will be in touch to book a tour.

Where do you currently have homes?

We have homes in Sydney’s North Shore (St Ives, Turramurra & Wahroonga), Northern Beaches (Warriewood), Eastern Suburbs (Vaucluse, Rose Bay and Waverley), Inner West (Hunters Hill) & Sutherland Shire (Caringbah).

How many people live in one room? Do they have their own bathrooms?

There is one resident per room, however we welcome couples to live together and they have the option of sharing a room or each having a separate room. Just like in a traditional family home, some rooms have ensuite bathrooms and others share. If shared it is generally one between two residents.

Can family members visit?

Yes. Visitors can come anytime of the day at Group Homes Australia. We actively encourage the friends and family of residents to stop by for a visit, to take residents out for lunch, or to spend the afternoon with them at the local shopping centre.

Are your facilities secured?

Yes. All of our homes have a keypad locked front door, and the backyards are enclosed. We provide families with the code to the door and encourage them to visit whenever they would like. The homes are secured, but residents can move freely around the home and gardens.

Can the residents take their pets with them?

Yes, subject to suitability. We welcome pets at the home subject to suitability with residents and the home and no residents having allergies. We have or have had dogs, cats, chickens, and rabbits across our homes!

Are all meals, laundry, and outings included in the care fees?

Yes. Activities and necessities are included in the care fees. Outings to the theatre or other activities that attract large entry fees are optional and charged separately.

Do you provide In-Home Care?

Yes, we can provide care in your own home. We are an Approved Provider under the Home Care Package (HCP) program. If it’s not the right time to move out of your own home, we can bring care to you. Our private care team includes compassionate, experienced and well-trained Social Workers, Registered Nurses and carers who can assist you from meal preparation, housekeeping and companionship to personal care and nursing services.

What are your rates/pricing?

GHA daily fees are made up of two components – accommodation and care costs. The bedroom rental is based on the location of the home and size of the room. Care is based on our Living and Health Care Support levels which will be identified after an assessment by our Registered Nurse and Social Worker. We offer respite either as a short stay or as a trial with a view to progressing to permanent care. Pricing for respite starts at $398 per day which can be offset with Home Care Package funding. Due to our individualised approach to care, it is hard to give an accurate price without knowing care level, location of the home, size of the room and funding. We understand that every individual situation is different. Speak with our support team for more information.

Are you a Home Care Package (HCP) Provider?

Yes. We are an Approved Provider under the Home Care Package (HCP) program. You can use your HCP to receive care in one of our homes or your own.

What RADs (Refundable Accommodation Deposits) do you require?

We don’t require RADs to move into one of our group homes. We pride ourselves on flexibility and will happily have a conversation to tailor the best financial arrangement for your family.

Can I receive government funding to stay in a group home?

Yes. The government is offering significant support for people to stay in their local communities and homes. Because a GHA home is like each resident’s own home, they may be entitled to receive a Home Care Package, which can mean up to $57,764.90 (Level 4 HCP + Dementia Supplement) of funding a year towards the care fees.