Privacy Policy


Group Homes Australia Pty Ltd (Group Homes) is strongly committed to protecting the right to privacy of every individual including its clients, employees and providers. Group Homes abides by the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 (as amended in 2014) in relation to the collection and use of your personal information.



The Director of People Care and Culture, supported by Group Homes Co-CEOs, will coordinate and ensure compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles.


Collection of information

We collect personal information about clients, employees and providers but this is limited to that which is necessary for us to undertake our services and activities. In general, this will be collected directly from the individual or their representative, but we also may obtain information from other sources.

We only collect personal information with informed consent and for purposes which are directly related to our functions or activities and only when it is necessary for or directly related to such purposes.

The Privacy Act describes how “personal information” and “sensitive information” is to be treated. The Aged Care Act 1997, the Australian Aged Care Quality Act 2013 and associated Principles set out rules for the treatment of “protected information”.



Group Homes understand that anonymity is an important element of privacy. Our stakeholders will have the right to remain anonymous or adopt a pseudonym when dealing with us. However, it is not always possible to remain anonymous or adopt a pseudonym and we will inform stakeholders when this is the case.


Security & Storage

Group Homes takes all reasonable steps to protect personal information. Information will be securely stored and only accessible by appropriately trained staff unless we are required to provide it to others for purposes relating to public safety, law enforcement or financial transactions. Electronic databases are password protected, secured by a firewall and anti-virus software to ensure, so far as practicable, that they are not accessed by unauthorised parties.


Use & Disclosure

Group Homes will use and disclose personal and health information:

  • To third parties who include treating doctors and specialists, health care practitioners, homecare service providers, assistive technology providers, where necessary a government or community agency and/or other service providers;
  • For accounting purposes including billing, and if necessary, compliance with any relevant Medicare and Health Insurance Commission requirements;
  • For operational administrative and quality assurance purposes;
  • For accreditation or certification purposes;
  • For sourcing and recommending services and products.



Group Homes take all reasonable steps to ensure the personal information we collect is accurate, up to date and complete. Clients, employees and providers are entitled to view the information we hold and reasonable requests for access and/or correction of information will be responded to as quickly as possible. Requests to view the information we hold can be send to the address below:

Group Homes Australia Pty Ltd
PO Box 748
Gordon, NSW 2072


Direct Marketing

Group Homes may from time to time use information to market services directly to its stakeholders. We will not however disclose this information to any third party for the purposes of direct marketing. If we use information for direct marketing, we will provide a mechanism to ‘opt-out’ we will not continue to use information for direct marketing purposes.