Introducing Rementia

Aug 2, 2023

Introducing Rementia: Unlocking the Potential of people living with Dementia

Rementia, an innovative concept pioneered by the esteemed Tom Kitwood in 1996, revolutionized our understanding of dementia and highlighted the remarkable capacity for improvement in individuals living with this condition. Jackie Pool, 2022, in her book From Dementia to Rementia has reignited the term through her research into the power of cognitive rehabilitation. By shifting from focusing on limitations and deficit from dementia to one that nurtures remaining competencies and leveraging their strengths, people living with dementia can experience improved functioning and quality of life.

Gone are the days of perceiving dementia as a one-way descent into darkness. A wealth of compelling evidence challenges this antiquated viewpoint, revealing the possibility of Rementia – the process through which individuals regain lost abilities to find meaning and engagement. In addition, we now recognize the opportunity for developing new ways of understanding and responding to expressed emotions and navigating cognitive challenges with greater resilience and ease. Together we can reimagine life with dementia at every stage.

At its core, Rementia surpasses mere survival needs. It celebrates the importance of social connection, independence and creates a platform for personal agency. A diagnosis of dementia no longer implies a rapid and irreversible decline in all abilities; instead, it becomes an opportunity for personal growth, development of cognitive ramps, advancement, and the acquisition of fresh knowledge, abilities as well as regaining lost information and skills.

Discover the transformative power of Rementia at the Rementia Together Retreat where five couples will come together for an enriching five-day experience. Gain valuable knowledge about dementia and, more importantly, embark on a journey of achieving Rementia where we foster the formation of pathways through Rementia training, psychoeducation, regular exercise, good sleep, while nourishing cognitive vitality with the right nutrition and hydration. Together, we will reshape the narrative surrounding dementia, opening doors to progress and embracing a future full of potential and personal development. Let us build a world that cherishes and celebrates the potential of every individual, regardless of their cognitive condition and cognitive disability/ability. Read more about the Rementia Together Retreats. 

This service is funded by the Australian Government and led by Group Homes Australia.


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