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We specialise in dementia and high care


Group Homes Australia is unique. We specialise in supporting those with dementia and high care needs live purposeful and meaningful lives.

As illustrated in table below, which compares care and lifestyle benefits across different aged care facilities, a group home allows an individual to feel as though they are continuing to live in their own home, with a family – something not available in institutional care.

Familiar Environment 24 x 7 Care Autonomy Social Hub Meals: Preparation, Participation & Choice Cleaning Participation Recreational Activities
Own Home black_tick grey_cross black_tick grey_cross grey_cross grey_cross grey_cross
Live with the Kids black_tick grey_cross grey_cross grey_cross black_tick black_tick grey_cross
Institution grey_cross black_tick grey_cross black_tick grey_cross grey_cross black_tick
Traditional Retirement Village grey_cross grey_cross grey_cross black_tick black_tick grey_cross grey_cross
Group Homes Australia white_tick white_tick white_tick white_tick white_tick white_tick white_tick

What makes us different?


A group home looks, smells and feels like a traditional home. Additionally, in contrast to alienating and anxiety-producing larger facilities, we provide a warm, engaging environment, where the highest quality of care is provided, and where people feel genuinely at home, supported by professionals who are passionate about what they do. Group homes that specialise in care for older loved ones are tried, tested and successful in many countries around the world. We have adapted this acclaimed model to meet the special needs and expectations of older Australians. As a result, our group homes are safe, comfortable and enjoyable to live in.

What sets us apart from traditional aged care dementia services:

  • Residents can remain actively involved in the home, which is removed from them in larger facilities
  • Specialised home design and interiors, outdoor spaces for dementia residents
  • Trained Homemakers who are onsite and awake at all times
  • Creative ways of delivering professional services and community involvement
  • Necessary equipment integrated into the design and only scaled up when needed
  • No set visiting times – families may visit whenever they so wish




Meal times are important in our homes, with our Homemakers taking pride in the food they prepare, the tables being set beautifully and residents feeling engaged.

The meals are all freshly prepared with the best quality produce which is delivered from local suppliers regularly. Our Homemakers work hard to ensure the meals are balanced and nutritional. We do believe that food is something to enjoy and as many of our residents’ senses are deteriorating, taste and smell are senses worth savouring and cherishing.

Our Food Safety Program and each house are licenced by the NSW Food Authority to ensure food safety, hygiene and freshness is maintained. We are subject to regular planned and unplanned audits. Some high-risk foods requested by our residents require clearance. 

meal time

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