The provider ‘doing dementia differently’ – Sydney Morning Herald

Aug 15, 2023

The Sydney Morning Herald spoke with Group Homes Australia Founder, Tamar Krebs recently, on new Group Homes Australia 5-Day Retreat program for people with a recent diagnosis of dementia.

‘Group Homes Australia’s dementia retreat series will share life-improving approaches and techniques.

Receiving a diagnosis of dementia is the beginning of a health journey that can be frustrating and isolating for those living with the disease and the people who love and support them. That’s because, unlike other chronic illnesses such as diabetes, a dementia diagnosis comes with little or no resources or support to live well with the diagnosis.

“We know that often with dementia you get a diagnosis and not much more,” says Tamar Krebs, founder and executive director of Group Homes Australia.

Krebs explains that, while dementia diagnosis is improving, teaching the skills and strategies that will allow people living with dementia (PLWD) to live well – at home and in the community and with their friends and loved ones – is sadly overlooked.’

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