Doing Dementia Differently

Lives that flourish with meaning & purpose

Community residents who chose our care live in one of our group homes
Our homes are nestled into local neighbourhoods. Just like your home.

We cherish your life story

The group home environment

Our group homes have 6-10 residents with 24/7 dedicated care.

Our innovative model of care is an alternative to traditional aged care facilities. Smaller care environments have been proven to increase quality of life, reduce rates of depression and reduce hospitalisation for people living with dementia, making ours some of the best dementia care facilities in Sydney.

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Meaningful Engagement

Our Homemakers and Support Team work with each resident and their family to ensure their unique needs are met. 

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Complex Care Needs

We have various levels of care to accommodate the entire ageing and dementia journey.

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Tailored Routines

Unlike residential aged care facilities, we don’t have rigid schedules. Residents wake up in their own time, set their own meal times and have visitors when they want.

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Higher Care Ratio

We offer a high care ratio of an average 1:4 team members per resident which is better than most traditional aged care facilities.

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Superior Health Outcomes

Research shows that health outcomes in smaller environments are superior to traditional nursing homes.

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“Feels Like Home”

Our homes are warm and open with the familiar atmosphere of a traditional home. 

Is it time to consider care?

It is never easy to recognise when the right time is to explore dementia care, as every family and story is different.

Our team has created a quick Q&A to help you decide what to do next.

diagnosis of dementia

Dance to your own rhythm.

We understand when a loved one receives a diagnosis, it doesn’t just affect them. There is a huge impact on their support network. We have created a new dementia resource which includes helpful advice for caregivers.

We have been setting a new standard of care and lifestyle in Australia since 2012.

Services we offer

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High Care and Palliative Care

It is our privilege to provide care and support to our residents and their families during the end of life journey. 

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Respite Care

We offer a range of dementia respite care options in Sydney, from day to overnight care. Our Support Team will work with you to accommodate your preferences around location, dates and availability.

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Clinical Support

Our highly skilled registered nurses are on site or on call 24/7, and can help out with all complex clinical care in our dementia group homes.

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Case Management

Our team can assist you with case management and accessing government funding, including Home Care Packages and NDIS.

We focus on our residents’ abilities, rather than their disabilities.

Resident stories and testimonials

Wife of resident
"Oh what a relief, this is exactly what i've been looking for but didn't know it existed. Thank you."
Son of resident
"During this very difficult time for my family, Group Homes emerged and we have been thankful ever since."
Daughter of resident
"Thank you all for looking after mum for the past 18 months. I never thought she would adjust to moving from her home of 50 years which she loved so much. Arriving at the house to visit, and seeing her sitting in her favourite spot in the sun, with the homemakers looking after her, made me very happy."
Daughter of resident
"The house is always cosy and mum's room always looks like someone has tidied it with love. I really am so impressed with the Homemakers attention to detail – sometimes I could just cry. Thank you, Tamar, for setting the bar so high and for leading in such a way that others are keen to follow."
Son of resident
"Our frail 96-year-old mother was no longer able to live at home with her carers. She would not hear of going to the large old aged homes and we wanted her as near to us as possible. We were very fortunate to discover Group Homes in Vaucluse and managed, after much persuasion, to convince her to go. She loved it from day one and thanked us virtually every day for letting her stay there.Having Sonia in this wonderful home brought us all piece of mind in the knowledge that we were giving her the best possible care available. It was a life-changing event for her and for the whole family. We rate the Group Homes concept, the management and staff as world’s best practice in aged and end-of-life care. Our appreciation has no bounds."
Son of resident
"I have visited a number of care homes over the last 10 years and most filled me with dread as they were places I couldn’t contemplate for myself and certainly couldn’t consider for Dad. While there were a number of options available to us I will be forever grateful for the reference from the hospital to Group Homes. Tamar, you and the team should be very proud of what you have created. To have a “home” that is every bit as good as our own homes, and a team of people available around the clock has been a real blessing. I know that you all enabled Dad to live as full a life as he could these past sixteen months, and his leaving us was as peaceful as I could wish for myself. So this is just a great big thank you from all of the family, but especially from me, for the way you looked after my Dad. I will be forever grateful."
Husband of resident
"It is now about 10 months since Jill died in your Garrick Road Home. For the last 8 years or so she required constant assistance and care, which for the last 2 years and 5 months was provided in your excellent facility. I am writing to thank you and your excellent staff for all they did for her. Your lovely single-level, spacious and very comfortable facility, catering for a maximum of 10 residents, became for Jill the next best place to being at home. The comradery around the dining table, and the ever-vigilant attention of your carers to their individual needs made her feel safe, cared for and might I say loved. Because of her experience when in your care our family and I know we could not possibly have done more for her in her closing years. She deserved it and certainly received it."
Niece of resident
"From the moment I stepped inside the front door at Group Homes I knew it was the place for my Uncle Phil for the last few months or years of his long life. The whole house reminded me of a big family home with huge kitchen, dining and lounge area that meant everyone could be connected if they wanted to be, or just on the periphery if they preferred. Apart from the home itself the staff were without doubt wonderful. Tamar's leadership, professionalism and sensitivity to each client's specific needs were supreme and her management and mentoring of staff was outstanding."

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