The Group Homes Australia website makes several claims regarding research done into aged care and particularly the effectiveness of group home environments. This page covers references to substantiate those claims.

Clustered domestic residential aged care in Australia: fewer hospitalisations and better quality of life

“After adjusting for patient- and facility-level factors, individuals residing in clustered models of care had better quality of life…, lower hospitalisation rates …, and lower emergency department presentation rates … than residents of standard care facilities.”

The Green House Project: (a similar model in the United States)

“Residents of Green House Project homes have shown “increased reports of mobility and social interaction, and fewer reports of weight loss and depression” compared with those living in traditional nursing home facilities.”

The Conversation: Caring for elderly Australians in a home-like setting can reduce hospital visits

“A new study out today has found residents with dementia in aged-care facilities that provide a home-like model of care have a better quality of life and fewer hospitalisations than those living in more standard facilities.”