The upside of dementia – living beyond a diagnosis of dementia Published in The NSW Doctor September/October 2023

Oct 11, 2023

“It’s a nice thing for doctors to have something besides a diagnosis to give.”

When Brendan Greer was diagnosed with dementia at age 61, he and wife Jenny felt all their life plans fall away. “We’d done all our financial planning and we had our retirement all mapped out with all these trips and things. Then we thought ‘Oh gosh. Wow. That’s our future gone.’” Brendan quit the high-level sales job he’d loved for years and resigned himself to an ongoing decline in his cognitive abilities. He felt the light had gone from his world “I wasn’t in a black hole, but the sky was pretty gloomy.” That was until the couple attended the inaugural Rementia Together retreat in August.

Please read more of the article on pages 14-16 of the NSW Doctor below:



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