Respite &
short stay

Do you need a moment to pause, relax and reset?

Dementia respite care or a short-term stay at one of our group homes provides caregivers the chance to rest. Care partners across Australia, including those who are family members, access dementia respite care for many reasons.

If you are looking for something a little different, please contact us. We provide respite care for dementia carers and people living with dementia, a little differently. Let’s talk about creating cherished moments during a short-term stay for your loved one and share the locations we currently have available at Group Homes Australia. We also look forward to exploring new strategies with you, which will support you at home. Short-term stay is for you and your loved one to achieve time apart to be able to reconnect.

If you are ready to explore our respite care options for people living with dementia, please share your details below, or phone our Engagement Manager to have a conversation about your unique needs on: 1300 953 196