How to visit someone living with dementia

Feb 23, 2023

Often, when we visit someone living with dementia, we treat it like any other care setting. But it’s not. Sometimes people fall into the routine of a care setting like hospital. Understanding how to visit your loved one living with dementia can make it a meaningful experience for both of you. Tamar Krebs, Founder of Group Homes Australia has a few tips to help create cherished moments when visiting your loved one.

What did you do today?

When visiting your loved one, you may ask “what did you do today?”. For someone living with dementia, it may be a challenge to answer. At Group Homes Australia we encourage families to check in with the Homemakers during their visit and find out what their loved one did that day. This can create an opportunity to prompt your loved one, rather than asking an open question.

Bring something to do

Bringing something to do with your loved one like a family photo album to look through or a favourite book to discuss, can create an opportunity to connect in a meaningful way and help you to prompt your loved ones memories.

Do something together

Using the time with your loved one to do something together may create a purposeful experience for your loved one. Taking the time to do some gardening or even cooking a meal can help you to engage and connect.

Enjoy the experience

Finally, don’t put too much pressure on yourself or your loved one. Just try to enjoy the experience and take each visit as it comes.

At Group Homes Australia we find that using these tools can create a more meaningful and engaging visit for both you and your loved one.

Is it time to consider permanent care?

There is never a right or wrong answer to this question. Our “Question and Answers” are for people living with dementia and for the loved ones supporting them as they consider permanent care, residential aged care, home and community care or a nursing home. Please connect and share your details and take our Q&A to help you decide what to do next.

If we can assist with answering any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Engagement Manager for support on 1300 015 406.

Dance to your own rhythm: Every person living with dementia will do it differently. It’s like a dance.

We understand when a loved one receives a diagnosis, it doesn’t just affect them. There is a huge impact on their support network. We have created a new resource which includes helpful advice for care partners.


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