The hidden toll of lockdowns: Tamar Krebs, Founder, Group Homes Australia

Sep 30, 2021

During Dementia Action Week (September 20-26), Dementia Australia called on all Australians to take action to ensure those who have dementia are engaged with their loved ones and communities. This is particularly important for those currently experiencing prolonged lockdowns in NSW and Victoria.


Dementia Australia CEO Maree McCabe, and Founder of Group Homes Australia Tamar Krebs, commented on the importance of helping those living with dementia stay connected during the lockdown and the stigma that surrounds dementia.

“As a society we owe it to people to help them live and be supported with this diagnosis and we know that with many other diagnoses like diabetes and hypertension there are many resources out there for people,” said Tamar Krebs. “Unfortunately with dementia there is a lot of stigma and shame that goes along with it and that means and that needs to change.”

Full story available via Hope 103.2, Journalist Michael Crooks, September 2021.

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