Comparing the Costs & Benefits of Aged Care Living

Sep 1, 2014

Choosing the perfect aged care option for you or a loved one will depend on your condition and the kind of environment you are the most comfortable in. Here are a few tips on the aged care options available in Sydney and how to decide on the best one for your needs.

Aged Care living options

In Sydney and throughout Australia, there are three types of aged care living options most commonly used. In-home care provides the support you need while keeping some autonomy and independence. Nothing beats the comfort of your own home and being surrounded by your loved ones. Contact your Territory Health Department for more information about the services available.
For the members of the elderly community that need more assistance than in-home care can provide, entering a nursing home or aged care facility may be the solution. These facilities have all the medical equipment and trained staff to keep you or your loved one healthy. It’s a more social environment filled with activities and treatment throughout the day. Based on a large-scale hospital model, nursing homes do not provide the residents with the same autonomy and independence that a Group Home would.
Group Homes Australia provides the best of both worlds for you or your loved one. You maintain the independence and comfort of living in a beautiful and safe home with other friendly residents and the care of multiple trained and dedicated professionals.

Costs of Aged Care

On average, the cost of in-home care in Australia ranges between just AU $10 to AU $39 per hour. To know exactly how much you will pay or the treatment that you are covered on, talk to your service provider. The service provider will be able to discuss with you the aged care services that the Australian Government subsidises and what daily fees to expect based on your age pension and financial situation.
Nursing homes and aged care facilities are more expensive but they provide more assistance and trained medical staff available at all times. Aged care facilities cost about AU $3,000 per month on average while nursing homes can cost as much as AU $900 a day. A daily fee for new residents will cover day to day living costs for meals, cleaning, or laundry for example. Before you enter an aged care facility, you will receive a letter from the Department of Human Services confirming your maximum daily fee.

Benefits of Group Homes

The Group Homes concept is the full package for you or your loved one when you are looking for both a home environment and the care of a dedicated medical professional. Our Group Homes look, smell, and feel like a normal home with a soft, relaxing décor and plenty of designed space to socialise and enjoy the benefits of the outdoors and gardening.
The Group Homes Australia philosophy is to focus on our residents’ abilities rather than their disabilities, by putting emphasis on activities throughout the home that give you or your loved one the autonomy and independence you’ve always had.
Unlike most aged care facilities, all our Group Homes in Sydney are near restaurants, parks, and local shopping centres to stay active and a part of the local society. We actively encourage friends and family to visit the group homes or to take residents out for a lovely afternoon in the town.

To arrange a visit or tour of one of our Group Homes, please contact our head office on 1300 015 406.


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