Privacy Consent Form

We refer to your employment contract. We note that the Contract contains a Privacy Clause that allows the Company to collect and use your personal information where necessary for business purposes. As the Company uses your personal mobile number and email address to communicate with you regarding work related issues, and this information therefore must be shared with other employees, we require your explicit consent to continue using your personal email and telephone number in this manner. In this regard, notwithstanding your agreement to the Company collecting and using personal information, you acknowledge and consent to the use of your personal telephone number and email address for the following purposes:

  • Communicating with you regarding work related matters;
  • Sending you surveys and other work related information; and
  • Other reasonable circumstances

You also acknowledge and agree to the Company sharing your personal telephone number and email address with work colleagues to allow for their use by the Company and its employees as described above. In addition to your confidentiality obligations as described in Privacy clause of the Contract, you acknowledge and agree not to disclose the personal information of any employee, including their personal telephone number or email address to any third party, for any purposes, unless you have obtained the individual’s consent. Your agreement to the matters set out in this email, by your clicking on the acceptance button, constitutes a written variation of the Contract to incorporate the recorded in this email. Other than the variation described in this email, all other terms of the Contract remain unchanged.