Our sister has been at Earl Street only a short time, but we are so pleased that she is there. We live in Tasmania and so cannot come to see her. She has been on her own for quite a few years, living in Chatswood. For some time, her dementia has been getting worse. We had some wonderful help from our Social Worker and our Home Instead, but we knew that our sister could not survive on her own (though she really wanted to do so). The Social Worker recommended you to us. It seems to us that the staff there are so very kind. We ring her once a week, and she says she is having a very nice time there – the food is lovely as are the staff. Some of the kind staff have sent us photos and she looks so happy. We cannot thank the staff at Earl Street enough – Ella, Lester. Chen and the other folk who seem to be doing a wonderful job. We are in our seventies but would like to think we would have a place like Earl Street to go to eventually.