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Group Homes Australia provides dementia care services that are very different to your standard dementia unit or nursing home.  Our international model has been successful in many countries around the world and involves small groups of residents (6-10 max) in each home, with a high carer-to-resident ratio (averaging 1:3). While being under-pinned by best practice clinical care, our specialised approach focuses on getting residents involved in day-to-day life activities that bring them purpose and meaning, including:

  • Cooking and baking
  • Exercise and yoga
  • Hanging the laundry and folding
  • Hosing the garden and maintaining personal gardening areas
  • Shopping and grocery outings
  • Walks around the neighbourhood
  • Public outings to cafes, art galleries, visit other houses

Our homes feature soft, period-sensitive décor and our floorplans are designed for convenient living, socialising, but importantly, to reduce trip hazards and other safety design features. Our homes also have ample garden spaces for gardening or simply enjoying the benefits of the outdoors. Residents can also enjoy smart, wireless technology and modern medical equipment, ensuring that they receive the very best care available.

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