Group Home Assisted Living for Dementia Care

Sep 1, 2014

A comfortable and safe environment can significantly help reduce the frustration associated with dementia. Group Homes Australia combine living in the comfort of a home and being surrounded by trained staff at all times and the best dementia care available in Sydney. Here are a few tips on finding the perfect dementia care option for you.

What is Dementia?

Dementia is a collection of symptoms that affect the brain and a person’s thinking, behavior, and the ability to perform everyday tasks. Most common for people over the age of 65, the early signs of dementia are subtle and not immediately obvious. Contact us if you are experiencing frequent memory loss, confusion or personality changes for the best home care in Sydney.

Dementia care options

Once you have met with your doctor and properly diagnosed the dementia, there are three options most commonly used in Sydney and Australia to facilitate living with dementia; in-home care, assisted living facilities or nursing homes, and the Group Homes Australia way.

In the early stages of dementia, living at home or with loved ones may be the best way to adjust to the new condition. With in-home care, you remain independent and in a comfortable and familiar environment. This option is only suitable if you or your loved one suffers from minor memory loss and is able to perform common day to day tasks.

If the dementia symptoms become more severe, the more advanced care of a nursing home or an assisted living facility may be required to ensure safety and immediate treatment. They also provide a wide range of activities and the ability to socialise with other people; this can keep the brain functions engaged and active. Assisted living facilities tend to be based on a large scale hospital model and reduce the autonomy and independence of the residents.

Luckily, one option in Sydney combines the best of both worlds. The Group Homes Australia concept treats dementia in the environment of a comfortable home, similarly to in-home care, but also provides the support from dedicated professionals at all times.

The Group Homes concept

Our philosophy at Group Homes Australia is to focus on our residents’ abilities, rather than their disabilities. What makes this concept special is that it combines the feel and autonomy associated with living in a comfortable home combined with the high level of medical assistance available.

The homes are shared between six to eight residents, and under the constant support of at least two trained caregivers. The residents are encouraged to participate in day to day activities such as cooking, exercising, or even going shopping in the local town. We put emphasis on staying active and social through a wide range of activities in the home, or by enjoying the outdoors and gardening to keep the brain functions sharp and healthy.

The homes look, smell, and feel like a normal home where you can enjoy a soft, relaxing décor and designed spaces to socialise and relax or enjoy the smart, wireless technology available. Unlike most assisted living facilities, our group homes in Sydney are close to local restaurants, parks, and shopping centers. We encourage families and friends to visit our Group Homes and spend an afternoon with their loved ones at any time.

Learn more about Group Homes Australia and the services we offer to treat Dementia. Give us a call at 1300 015 406 to get in touch with the amazing Group Homes Australia team.


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