How We Compare

Group Homes Australia are different. Why? Because they look, smell and feel like a traditional home. Additionally, in contrast to alienating and anxiety-producing establishments, we provide a warm, engaging environment, where the highest quality of care is provided, and where people feel genuinely at home, supported by professionals who really are empathetic to residents. Group homes that specialise in care for older loved ones are tried, tested and successful in many countries around the world. We have adapted this acclaimed model to meet the special needs and expectations of older Australians. As a result, our group homes are safe, comfortable and enjoyable to live in.

We differentiate our homes from institutions in many ways; one example is the use of soft décor and sensible floor plans to create ideal spaces for living and socialising. We not only offer smart wireless technology and modern medical equipment for contemporary living and up-to-date care but also we provide our residents with ready access to welcoming garden spaces and the natural benefits of the fresh outdoors and, if required, gardening activities. Our homes deliberately limit resident numbers to between six and ten people, and provide high carer-to-resident ratios of an average 1 to 3 in order to ensure best practice in care and support. Our homes blend architecturally with other houses in the suburb. In addition, we pride ourselves on being progressive and innovative in important areas
such as:

  • Home design
  • Specialised staff
  • Creative ways of delivering professional services
  • Necessary equipment integrated into the design

Our Philosophy

Our guiding philosophy is to provide a new – and better – choice for Australians, with a genuine home environment and friendly, competent, specialist care.

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