The benefits


Like to know more about the benefits of Group Homes Australia aged care homes? There are many factors to consider when choosing the right aged care facilities for yourself, your parent or loved one.

Quality of care and lifestyle are two key considerations for most Australians, and our approach is to exceed expectations in both. We provide a social, lifestyle-focused environment that feels like home, and is supported by specialist care. Group Homes Australia provides living environments that are safe, warm and inviting, utilising modern, soft d├ęcor and a sensible floor plan to create an ideal space for living and socialising. We pride ourselves on our integration of smart wireless technology, modern medical equipment and easy access to welcoming, fresh air garden spaces.

Our homes support Australians to live independently, in a genuine home environment, while providing peace-of-mind to both residents, and their loved ones. Our homes deliberately limit numbers to between six and ten residents, and provide high carer-to-resident ratios of an average of 1 to 3 in order to ensure best practice in care and support. We focus on the abilities of residents, rather than their disabilities, and encourage active and social living through daily activities that stimulate interest, personal satisfaction and wellbeing.

Group Homes Australia is unique, as illustrated in table below, which compares care and lifestyle benefits in different aged care options and facilities. Compare the benefits of Group Home Australia with alternatives such as living in one’s own home, with family, or in a traditional retirement village, or an institution.

Familiar Environment24 x 7 CareAutonomySocial HubMeals: Preparation, Participation & ChoiceCleaning ParticipationRecreational Activities
Own Homeblack_tickgrey_crossblack_tickgrey_crossgrey_crossgrey_crossgrey_cross
Live with the Kidsblack_tickgrey_crossgrey_crossgrey_crossblack_tickblack_tickgrey_cross
Traditional Retirement Villagegrey_crossgrey_crossgrey_crossblack_tickblack_tickgrey_crossgrey_cross
Group Homes Australiawhite_tickwhite_tickwhite_tickwhite_tickwhite_tickwhite_tickwhite_tick

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